Websites and Podcasts to keep up with Stock News

Daily news: Yahoo Finance Market Minute Finance Daily Snacks money Briefing by WSJ Foolery by Motley Fool . Focus by Motley Fool Tech Surveillance Weekly News: Alpha Trader Fool Money Fool Answers Money : Breaker Investing by Motley Fool Trillions : Longer term: Value Investing with Legends: like the Best : Study Billionaires : at Goldman Sachs withContinue reading “Websites and Podcasts to keep up with Stock News”

My Original Post

This all started July 13, 2018. Hey chlimix/mike what stocks should I buy? Then I sent a giant email/newletter. . Dated July 13,208 Trade wars are meaningless to the U.S. economy where many of our corporations make money on services. The trade war is going make consumers pay more for various goods: cars, beer, tv’s. However, inContinue reading “My Original Post”

Introducing stockpicks by chilmix

Stock picking is my hobby Some people collect stamps I play stocks like fantasy football.. I also play fantasy football. Why do this? Financial Investing/Trading is one a few things that any person can do without lot of tools (carpenter/mechanic) or lot of schooling (dentist/doctor/lawyer). I‘m a data engineer by day; that means I move,Continue reading “Introducing stockpicks by chilmix”

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