Trump artificial stock pump today. So blatant and pointless as his lies about 1700 google engineers website for Covit19 test.Why do you need 1700 engineers to make 1 simple static page for a flowchart.

This one will probably be pretty bad since we’re (USA) is likely about to go lockdown mode (everyone home) in next 2-4 weeks. Ghost malls and cinemas. No sports, no entertainment, no travel, no shopping and no gambling. This is the heart of  USA economy. However, this recession likely will pass in 6-12 months as people fully recover from deadly beer flu.

Here’s an snippet of my email on Yesterday (march 13,2020) was the epic dump day -10%, today is the dead cat pump + 3%
I personally went hard shorting and buying puts today.

Here’s my plays to profit from upcoming downturn :

Home run put options : (High risk)  spy puts 220 april 17dis puts 60 may 15
Market ETF inverses buy: 
sh (spy short).
sqqq (3x leveraged short)
Stocks to Short (sell high buy low later): 
airlines:  BA UAL DAL
cruises:  RCL CCL
hotels:  MAR
the whole market:  spy vgt
housing:  z
I predict an insanely bloody Monday next week.

SH: inverse the s&p 500 stock at normal leverage. aka short the market. Only hold this when you know the future’s going to be ugly. Buy this.

SQQQ: inverse the s&p 500 stock at 3x leverage. Normally dangerous to buy and hold this one if you’re comfortable with high risk. it moves 3 times faster than the inverse of the market. Buy this if you’re extra ballsy.

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