March 9, 2020. Greatest drop in single day for last 10 years. -7% on s&p 500

This is just the start of the US stock panic today : March 9, 2020. I’d wait ~6 weeks before adding positions or whenever these big boys hit these prices I’d buy at.

Put these big boys on your priority buy list ~price I’d buy some at [] today’s price
msft ~ 130. [150] today
goog ~ 1100 [1215] today
amzn ~ 1600 [1800] today
nvda ~220 [245] today
shop ~ 400 [418] today
amd ~ 35 [43] today
now ~250 [292] today
aapl ~ 245 [266] today
adbe ~ 280 [305] today
V ~150 [171] today
MA ~ 240 [262] today

Just be aware these things corrections/recessions are going to last a long while, I assume 6-12 months to go. 

  1. So if you want get out on the 2nd quarter and take gains from last 12 years (assuming you were fully in stocks) it’s not terrible idea tomorrow: March 10,2020, the pump after the dump day to sell.
  2. Or just really hunker down prepare for at least -20% from the top (we’re at past -10%) for the next 6 months is going to be brutal. 

    I plan on buying more when all the lagging metrics get really bad or just sit it out until we’re in recovery mode and going back up and Coronavirus isn’t a thing anymore. 

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